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Possibilities Come To Life With Alphabet Legends

Scrolling through books for Braden trying to find the perfect one, I came across Alphabet Legends. Beautiful, bright illustrations drew my attention right towards this company. From A to Z inspire your kiddos that they can do and become anything that they put their mind towards. Little Legends shows that no matter your age anything is possible. No matter your disability turn it into a strength with Dyslexia Legends. Favorite sport? No worries, Alphabet Legends has you covered. Find all your favorite legends, the ones you look up to, help bring your dreams together all in one book!


What Are Alphabet Legends Books?


These are premium hardcovered books with 56 pages at a size of "8.2' X "8.1'. Learning the alphabet will be a breeze from A to Z. Each book highlights key figures from the theme of your book. The whole family from ages 0 - 69 loved these books.


What Books Are There To Inspire Your Child?

  • American Legends

  • Art Legends

  • Baseball Legends

  • Basketball Legends

  • Biblical Legends

  • Country Legends

  • Dance Legends

  • Dyslexia Legends

  • Fashion Legends

  • Football Legends

  • Golf Legends

  • Lady Legends

  • Liberty Legends

  • Little Legends

  • Liverpool Legends

  • Man UTD Legends

  • Rainbow Legends

  • Seinfeld Legends

  • Soccer Legends

  • Surfing Legends

  • Tennis Legends

  • UK Legends

More books are made just to inspire your little one so keep watch on their website for new and brilliant titles.


What Book Would I Recommend?


Liberty Legends is one I'd highly recommend especially the situation we are facing in the world today. "From the Dalai Lama to Harvey Milk, Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Martin Luther King Jr., Liberty Legends Alphabet marches through history in search of those who fought for their freedoms and others’ and changed the world for good. Boldly illustrated, this book is sure to inspire your little legend to stand up and make a difference." We are all in this together. We are all the same no matter what color our skin is. That is what we need to teach our children as they grow up.


*** Britt's Creative Crafts always writes their reviews based on their nonbiased opinion. Thank you Alphabet Legends for sending us these amazing books! ***



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