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Printable Easter Egg Memory & Matching Game

Braden is starting to enjoy playing card games and puzzles, asking over and over again to play again. Easter is right around the corner and the perfect printable to celebrate the holiday. With multiple ways to play, your toddler or preschooler can use the eggs as a puzzle, matching game, or a memory game! Want to make it more interesting? Hide the eggs around the room and have them find all the matches. I think it’s a great way to learn and practice turn-taking.

I don't enjoy spending money on seasonal games at the store that we'd have to store for the whole year especially with littles who always find a way to remind you that you can't have nice things. Simple printable holiday games are easy to print and with so many ways to reuse the paper or recycle at the end of the season they are the perfect thing to add some seasonal fun.

I also love switching up Braden's Busy Binder that we like to bring along on our travels and incorporate some seasonal items there as well! It's so easy to laminate and add some velcro for on the go fun! Download this free printable at the bottom of the page.


How To Play A Memory Card Game

1. Download the free printable

2. Cut out each piece

3. Flip them over so the white side is facing up

4. Take turns flipping over 2 cards.

5. If you have a match keep it and take another turn

6. If you don't have a match, keep an eye on those cards for future reference

7. Keep repeating the steps until all the matches are found

8. The one with the most eggs win!


How Can I Make These Cards Last?

You can print this "Free Easter egg Printable" as many times as you'd like! I like to laminate them (because I laminate everything, ) or print on card stock which makes the cards a bit more durable for little hands. Bonus – kids can color on them with dry erase markers if laminated!


As a Destination Friend please be aware this is for personal and personal classroom use (to share this resource, please direct others to this post to grab their own free copy). This may NOT be sold, hosted, reproduced, or stored on any other site (including blog, Facebook, Dropbox, etc.) All materials provided are copyright protected. Please see Terms of Use. I offer free digital downloads to my destination friends. Your frequent visits to my blog & support by purchasing through affiliates links and my shop help us share more to you. Thank you for all of your support.

Sincerely, The Destination Family.


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