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Pumpkin Balloon Gifts DIY

This Pumpkin Balloon Gift is perfect for this spooky season. The leaves are changing color. The weather is cooling. Every child is picking out their favorite costume for the one day a year they get to dress up, pretend to be someone else, and get free candy. This craft is so simple and fast I was able to do almost ten balloons in less than an hour the night before Halloween. I wanted to do something cute for the children at my daycare. This pumpkin balloon gift was perfect! You can change what gifts you put inside to match every age group.

Materials Needed:

Orange balloons

Black sharpie

Small gifts

For the babies, I included little stuff animals and socks

For the older children, I filled them with candy

How To Make:

1. Stretch out your balloon

2. Fill your balloon with your gifts

3. Blow up the ballon and tie

4. Add a face to make each balloon into a unique pumpkin

5. Share your balloons

6. Pop the balloon to get all the fun goodies!

All of my daycare children loved them! They enjoyed throwing them in the air to watch how each balloon would fall to the ground at different speeds depending on the size of the balloon and how many pieces of candy were inside. You can try this at home. Would a small balloon with lots of candy fall faster or slower than a balloon that was much larger but only a few pieces of candy? My son loved playing with his balloon hearing the socks and stuffed animal roll around entertained him for a long time. We all loved this craft! When you make this adorable pumpkin balloon gift, you can post your pictures on my Facebook page! I hope you enjoy!


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