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Raining Name Cloud!

Who doesn't love a good name puzzle? Getting your kiddos to learn their names can be a challenge. Their ABC's and spelling their name are big aspects in life. Making name spelling fun is a great way to help them learn and grow. This rain cloud is simple and adorable, There is two ways to complete it: you can choose to keep the raindrops attached, like I did, or use a paper clip to make the raindrops removable for more practice.

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Materials Needed:

Colored paper



Hold puncher



Paper clips (optional)


How To Make:

1. Draw a cloud shape on a piece of paper

2. Draw two eyes and a mouth onto the cloud

3. Cut the cloud out

4. Draw raindrops onto another paper

5. Write each letter of the name onto the raindrops

6. Cut out the rain drops

7. Hole punch the amount of letters in the name onto the cloud

8. Cut out about six inches of string for each raindrop

9. Tie the string from each hole in the cloud to the raindrop (Or tie the string from the cloud to a paper 10. clip if you want removable rain drops)

11. Use tape to keep the raindrop facing the way you want

12. Enjoy your project and smile!


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