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Rock Painting 101

Rock painting is the new trend happening everywhere. It is to spread kindness across the globe from people to people as the new kindness act, The concept is very easy. You paint a rock, you a hide a rock, you find a rock, and then you can chose to keep the rock and plant 3 more or rehide the rock. Each rock should have a Facebook page that you post a picture of the rock you find. My rock page is @thetravelingrocks2k17 you can find it on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Where Do You Get Rocks?

Rocks can be found or bought. You want to make sure you can smooth rocks for easy painting.

  • You can find rocks around your neighborhood, parks, or even some gas stations and restraurants may have rocks outside.

  • Most landscaping stores will sell river rocks which are the perfect size.

  • Home Depot and Lowes often sell river rocks in the garden section.

  • Amazon also has some options on getting rocks.

  • Stores such as Michael's Craft Stores, Walmart and The Dollar Store often have smaller rocks available.


What paint should I use?

The best paint to use on rocks is acrylic paints.

I use Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint. You can find it your local craft stores like Michael's. It can also be found at stores like Walmart or online at Amazon.


What Brushes Should I Use?

You don't need to spend a ton for brushes. I would make sure you have a large one for painting the whole rock but, then make sure you have tiny ones for simple paintings and designs. The brand is not very important. I go to Micheal's and look in the paint brush section to choose the brushes that look good.


What Sealant Should I Use?

To seal you rocks against the weather use Pod Podge. It is easy to use and drys clear. You should take a large paint brush and paint a thin layer on the entire rocks. it. It will also make your rock look glossy and give it a nice finishing touch. Make sure to attach your label before sealing.


What Do I Put On The Back Of My Rock?

When You are done painting your rock make sure you add @thetravelingrocks2k17 on the back. When someone finds your rock they will post a picture of it on the Facebook page and then you can see how far your rock travels. Make sure when you find a rock you look for the tag on the back and post a picture so they know someone found their rock too.


I Don't Know What To Paint?

You can paint really anything on a rock. Is there a holiday coming up? You can always paint rocks for certain holidays or seasons. Or how about your favorite book. You can also paint rocks based on events that you are going to. These are some of my ideas that you can look at. You can see more of my ideas on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Don't forget to share your ideas and on my Facebook page @thetravelingrocks2k17


Don't forget most of all have fun!



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