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Ryan & Rose Cutie Pat And Clip For A More Modern Baby

Braden loves throwing everything off his tray, stroller, the table, making it never to be found again. I know you mamas and dads have this problem too. I love the modern and stylish look of Ryan & Rose from pacis to paci holders. Now you can be stress-free wondering if your baby is going to lose their paci with the thanks of Ryan & Rose.

Are you still wondering what to get? Well, keep reading. I'm here to tell you everything you need to know about and what I got for Braden!


Why Choose Ryan & Rose?

- All Cutie Clips are handmade by over 24 moms and dads across the U.S. and Canada.

- All products exceed U.S. safety standards and regulations.

- Over 30,000 individuals make up the Cutie Community. The Cutie Community is more than just a Facebook Group; it’s a place for support, encouragement, friendship, and prayer.

- Ryan & Rose is comprised of 57 team members from across the United States; and Canada. Each member plays an important role within the big picture. It’s truly a team effort!

- They believe in the power of prayer. All products are prayed over before they go out. They also pray for team members, customers, safety, products, and everything in-between!

- $593,013 has been given to support Engage Memphis, Memphis Family Connection Center, POI Global, Keesha Warrior Princess, Donors Choose, and other organizations.


The Cutie PAT is a Pacifier and Teether in one. The Cutie PAT Flat was created for babies who prefer a flattened nipple.

This multifunctional pacifier is made with 100% medical-grade silicone. It is safe, non-toxic, and free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, and latex. The Cutie PAT pacifier is US CPSC compliant and FDA approved, designed in the USA, and made in China.

Cutie PAT's are unlike any other pacifier and/or teether on the market. The Cutie PAT was created with a dual purpose in mind: the pacifier side was created to soothe an infant/baby, and the teether portion was developed to aid with teething relief.

The Cutie PAT Flat is for babies with and without teeth.

I love the colors to choose from so calming and peaceful to look at. I got Braden the Dandy Le, yellow. The pastel color but, a matte finish looks great. It feels so soft and easy. Unlike other pacis when your little one pops some of their teeth in that they can't chew holes through the nipple.


We need a clip that matched a modern baby fashion. I wanted something that didn’t get soaked when Braden chewed on it, now being able to clean with wipes. Seeing Brooke was like a mom's dream of mine. This is beaded, teether + clip in one is approximately 7.75"+. Made with nylon cord, ten small food grade silicone beads, and a lead-free stainless steel Ryan & Rose clip.

The silicone beads are great for a teething little one. The texture is perfect for a quick clean with wipes on the go. I love that I could sanitize the clip and paci together and they match! I know I'm that mom, I even like my socks to match. I love that I know which paci goes to which teething clip then match them with his outfits.


*** Thank you Ryan & Rose for sending us our new favorite paci to review. All of our reviews are always based on our non-biased opinion. ***



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