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Why Sensory Play For Your Little One Is So Important!

Sensory bins have so many advantages to them. I feel like we all forget how important they are to our little ones. Sensory bins are hands-on activities that usually take place in plastic bins that include different objects to stimulate and engage their five senses, touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. Every bin can tell their own story whether it's based on a book, an occupation, or a season. You can make each one unique to your child or even your theme of the week, teaching each child as they play.


The Advantages Of Sensory Play

- One of the greatest and positive effects of sensory bins or even a sensory bottles are being able to calm children on the spectrum or children with a sensory processing disorder. Children on the spectrum have more of a hard time processing things every day like as you or I can.

- Sensory play can inhibit the production of imagination. Different sensory boxes can bring on different adventures. Some dirt and construction trucks can make any child believe they are a construction worker. That's just the beginning of all the possibilites to come by.

- As your child work with tweezers and tongs picking up items in each sensory bin will work their fine-motor skills.

- Communication is key here. Children will learn how to share and work with others as they play with sensory bins together to discover something new.

- It encourages scientific thinking and problem-solving.

- Sensory play will keep children entertained for hours.


What Can You Put Sensory Activities In?

There are multiple ways you could do a sensory activity. You can put them in a tote box preferably one with a lid to keep your items safe. Another idea is a bottle, I use voss bottles because they are glass and durable. Also, you can use baggies, make sure you tape them shut to prevent the bag from opening.


What Can You Include In A Sensory Box?

There are so many different objects you could use in your own sensory bin at home but, these are a few.

Aquarium Rocks



Coffee Beans


Cotton Balls

Fake Snow



Pom Poms






So, whatever items, containers, or deisgns you use your children will have hours of fun and learning with sensory activities!

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