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Sing-Along With Your Friend, Ditty Bird!

Meet Ditty Bird! He is a fun, adorable bird who loves to sing along with you. Braden absolutely loves these books. He even holds the book as the music is playing like he is reading along. He always has the biggest smile on his face during storytime. I make sure that before bedtime we read at least one book together.


What Are Ditty Bird Books?


Ditty Bird books are fun, educational books that enhance your child's language skills as they read and sing along. Each page has an interactive musical, easy to press button to encourage your child to sing along. Thick cardboard pages allow for easy turning perfect for children who are just learning how to read. Every page has bright colors to make reading enjoyable with fun pictures.


Do They Have Different Books?


Ditty Bird has a nice selection of books to enjoy with your little one.

- Children's songs

- Nursery rhymes

- Learning songs

- Bedtime songs

- Action songs

- Happy birthday

- Instrumental songs

- Classical music

- Farm animal sounds

- Safari animal sounds

- Cute animals, touch, feel, and listen

- Bird songs

Also, enjoy gift sets with two wooden maracas to play along to the songs. These sets include:

- Instrumental songs

- Children songs

- Nursery rhymes


Why Would I Want A Musical Book?


Braden didn't start dancing until about 10 months old. I was scrolling through Tik Tok seeing all these small ones dancing to the Baby Shark Remix. I couldn't believe that every child I saw was dancing away so, I had to try it out. I played the song and who knew? Braden started dancing with a huge smile on his face. Since then he also enjoys dancing to nursery rhymes. Why is dancing to music important though? Why would it matter if your child danced to music?

Dancing to music allows your little one to practice self-expression. When your child is dancing to the music they are practicing and improving their motor skills by learning how to work their body and mind together as one. Music is one aspect of life that focusses on all the areas of child development as well as school readiness. So, let them express their feelings and dance away with these magical books!


*** Thank you Ditty Bird for sending us some books to add to our reading collection. All of Britt's Creative Crafts reviews are based on our nonbiased opinion. ***



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