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Sponge Squeezing & Water Play Sensory Activity

Sensory bins are hands-on activities that usually take place in plastic bins that include different objects to stimulate and engage their five senses, touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. Taking sensory play outside is just another way for your child to learn while enjoying their play.

Kids are often drawn to water expanding their world of imagination. Sponges will open and begin to understand the concept of wet and dry. Various colors, textures, sizes, shaped sponges stimulating their senses. As squeezing will build fine motor skills and develop hand-eye coordination.


What You Need


Sponges - I found a pack of various shapes, vehicles, & animals on Amazon.

Flat outdoor surface - Our bricks made the perfect spot


What To Do

Let children soak the sponges introducing that the sponge is wet.

Use the sponge to press onto the ground.

If you have too much water the design will splat.

Squeezing the water out or pressing them on the ground will make the sponge dry.

Then start the process over again!


Braden (age 2) and Blaire (age 3) loved this activity! Seeing their sponges splatting on the ground making designs was fascinating to watch. Seeing their faces when they made perfect airplanes or a whole lot of chickens made my day.

This was a simple activity that kept the kiddos pretty busy for a while. Perfect for summer days in the heat. Totally a go-to activity for toddlers.


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