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Take A Virtual Field Trip With Your Family, Over 50 Adventures!

Everything that is going on with Coronavirus is leaving families in quarantine, leading many attractions to have a temporary closure. Please wash your hands. If you are sick stay home. Please, don't take your kids out even though school is canceled. Stay home and stay safe. During this time make the best of it with your family with virtual field trips.




Travel to the African safari, or deep into the jungles. Maybe you will fall in love with new baby animals as you watch them grow up. Find all your favorite wildlife creatures spending their days in the zoo waiting for you to watch them on pre-recorded videos and live cams.

Atlanta, Georgia - Zoo Atlanta

Bridgeport, Connecticut - Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo

Bystrc, stop Zoologická zahrada - Zoo Brno

Norfolk, Virginia - Virginia Zoo

Oakland, California - Oakland Zoo

Rhenen, Netherlands - Ouwehand Park

San Diego, California - San Diego Zoo

Tucson, Arizona - Reid Park Zoo

Washington DC - National Zoo




Dive down deep into your favorite aquariums. Sharks, penguins, reefs, the whole sea are under one roof waiting for you to explore.

Atlanta, Georgia - Georgia Aquarium

Baltimore, Maryland - National Aquarium

Clearwater, Flordia - Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Monterey, Califonia - Monterey Bay

Orlando, Flordia - Sea World

Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey- Jenkinson's Aquarium

Seattle, Washington - Seattle Aquarium

Wailuku, Hawaii - Maui Ocean Center




Museums allow us to see a whole new part of history we could have never seen before. They let us understand and appreciate the different cultures that we could not experience ourselves.

Athens, Greece - Acropolis Museum

Houston, Texas - Space Center

London - Hintze Hall

Manhattan, New York City - Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Paris, France - Louvre Museum

St. Petersberg, Flordia - Dali Museum

Washington DC - Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama traveling exhibit, Infinity Mirror


National Parks


Google Arts & Culture is allowing you to explore the outside wonders inside your home. Explore Kenai Fjords in Alaska, Hawai'i Volcanoes, Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, Bryce Canyon in Utah, and Dry Tortugas in Flordia. Climb high through California to Yosemite National Park. Find mud volcanoes in Yellowstone National Park. Air Pano offers so many 360 degree photos and videos that you could spend hours trying to view each one from beautiful landscapes to National Parks.




No traveling takes us away from visiting some of the amazing destinations around the world that we wish we could visit at least once in our lives. Now there is no reason for plane tickets and packing. You can visit them right from your couch. Have you ever traveled to Space? I bet you haven't but, you can now.

Canada - Niagara Falls

Campania, Italy - Pompei

Pacific Ocean Island - Easter Island

Hawaii Landmarks - Hawaii

New York City - Ellis Island

Outerspace - Mars

Paris, France - Effie Tower

Sochi, Russia - Rosa Khutor Ski Resort, Southern Slope

Sydney, Australia - Sydney Opera House

Williamsburg, Virginia - Colonial Williamsburg


Amusement Parks


Disney Parks launched its 360-degree panoramas on Google Street View. Explore Epcot from Google Street View. Can you find the Pavillion in Japan? Take a tour around Magic Kingdom. Can you find Storybook Circus? Take an adventure through Disney's Hollywood Studios. Can you find The Twilight Zone, Tower Of Terror? Not your speed? Take the fast track. YouTube offers a lot of videos to experience some of your favorite rides in the front row without the lines.


*** Britt's Creative Crafts was not paid to sponsor any of these links. From our family to yours please stay safe and stay home. ***



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