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The Benefits Of Reading Out Loud To Little Ones

I always make sure that we make time to read at least one bedtime story before Braden goes down for bed, which usually turns into about 5 books. Do you even know why you started reading to your babies besides the fact that books and parent groups tell you that you should? Infants don't know how to communicate yet. Do they even understand that you are reading a book to them? The answer to this question is yes.


Why Should you read to your baby/toddler?


- Reading a book before bedtime can help your bedtime routine. Just like brushing their teeth, putting on pajamas, and applying lavender lotion, you can add a story. It will create a quiet time to settle down. Repeating these steps will make the perfect bedtime routine for your little one.

- Reading out loud can expand their vocabulary. They are constantly listening and learning from hearing people, animals, and notice that surrounds them. The more you talk to them and read together, the faster they will pick it up. Braden is 10 months old and already starting to talk. He knows to shake his head yes and no. He can also say a few words like yeah, mine, and hi. Not so happy that he isn't saying, mama.

- Books with interactive pages including mirrors, buttons, flaps, or touch and feel, can enhance their curiosity. Your child will be on the edge of their seat waiting for the next page, probably trying to grab the book out of your hand.

- Reading to your child creates a special bond with them that no one else has. You give them a feeling of security and love. Every hug, every snuggle, gives your child the sense that they are important. They can feel the love you feel and if you make time for them just to lay in bed and read a book together, then they will experience that they are important to you.

- Lately, it is getting hard for children to be able to just sit in a classroom and listen. We are wrapped around technology and working hands-on that our attention span is decreasing. Learning to sound out words is such a challenging process. As you read they start to put the pieces of the story together. When your child can start sounding out the words it's less likely that they will give up. The practice that you put into reading together will build their attention span making your child a great reader with the love of books.

- Introducing your children to books now will give them a life long love for reading. You won't have to nag them to try and keep up with keeping them on their reading level. They will most likely enjoy reading on their own in the backyard just sitting under a tree.

- Enhance Imagination with reading books. Unlike watching Netflix or Disney+ with tons of colorful pictures dancing across the screen, books have little to no illustrations. As you get older and your reading level increases the number of illustrations tends to decrease with each book. This sets your child up to create their own pictures in their minds, working their imagination with each page.


Book We Love!


Scrolling through books for Braden trying to find the perfect one, I came across Alphabet Legends. Beautiful, bright illustrations drew my attention right towards this company. From A to Z inspire your kiddos that they can do and become anything that they put their mind towards. Little Legends shows that no matter your age anything is possible. No matter your disability turn it into a strength with Dyslexia Legends. Favorite sport? No worries, Alphabet Legends has you covered. Find all your favorite legends, the ones you look up to, help bring your dreams together all in one book!


Ditty Bird books are fun, educational books that enhance your child's language skills as they read and sing along. Each page has an interactive musical, easy to press button to encourage your child to sing along. Thick cardboard pages allow for easy turning perfect for children who are just learning how to read. Every page has bright colors to make reading enjoyable with fun pictures.


Hooray Heros are personalized books that you can for your family/friends starting at $39. There are so many different stories to choose from you can find the right one to read to your little ones. These stories are perfect for ages 0-12. It's so simple to personalize your own story, with a couple of questions you'll be done in no time! Don't forget the gift box that you can choose to wrap your book!


*** Thank you for reading. We did receive books to review. You can find our reviews on each book by clicking the title. Each review is based on my non-biased opinion. ***



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