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The Magic Of Cirque Italia

Enter a world full of magic this weekend. Welcome to Cirque Italia an aquatic experience right here in Fredericksburg, Virginia. This is not your average circus this is a performance of a European style. Performers around the world will come to show you magic is real. A stage that holds 35,000 gallons of water will make your experience magical. Here are a few of our favorite acts that were performed throughout the show. There are many more performers so, make sure you make your way to Cirque Italia when they come to a town near you!

When we made it to our destination we could see the giant tent which made us all very excited to see what was in store for us. People were there to easily direct us to where we could park. The lines were very short and went by quickly to get in the tent.

Of course, we needed snacks to munch on! They offered popcorn, cotton candy, nachos, hotdogs, slushies with light-up cups, funnel cakes, and drinks to quench your thirst. Don't forget the lights. They had a variety of lights to chose from to light-up your night. Face painting is also an option if you have time to spare. From there we made our way to the show. The workers directed us to our seats as we waited for the show to begin.

The countdown began for the show. They have a variety of lasers and lights all around us to view. I enjoyed how they could create words with the lasers on the sides of the tent. Each performer during the show had their own unique act throughout the show for everyone to enjoy and watch magic right in front of their eyes.

What's a circus without clowns? This silly clown and his buddy had everyone laughing throughout the entire show.

My sister's favorite act was this power couple. They changed so many outfits it was unbelievable. Every outfit my sister was like it just has to be velcro but, until they threw the flower petals into the air. When the flower petals started to clear you could see her in a beautiful red dress leaving everyone in the blue of how they did that.

My mom's favorite act had to be trapeze performers. They soared across the stage like birds in the sky. Twirling and flipping through the air amazed everyone. The water created the perfect background. It was amazing how Cirque Italia created patterns in the water as it fell.

My boyfriend enjoyed watching jugglers. Their pins got tossed into the sky like magic. His favorite part was how the performers could throw a ball into cups that were attached to a pole being held on his head. It was really remarkable.

The best act, in my opinion, had to be there two actors. I've done cheerleading for many years starting from going into a half then progressing into one man stunts. These guys have a great amount of strength being able to hold each other with little to no hands. I could never do a one-handed handstand on top of someone else's head. I look up to them. That much talent deserves to be shared.

Don't miss a second of these Cirque Italia performers in the making showing their moves across the stage. During the intermission, you can also get your photos taken with an elephant or a dinosaur for $10.

Check their website to see when they will be in a town near you. We enjoyed the circus and I hope your family will too!


Show Information


Where? Circus Italia will be presented at 2400 Airport Ave, Fredricksburg, VA 22401.

When? Please arrive 45 minutes to an hour in advance.

Thursday, Nov 7, 2019 7:30 PM

Friday, Nov 8, 2019 7:30 PM

Saturday, Nov 9, 2019 1:30 PM, 4:30 PM, and 7:30 PM

Sunday, Nov 10, 2019 1:30 PM and 4:30 PM

Prices? Click the photo above to be sent to the pricing page

Parking is $5 cash.

Adult Level 1 - $50

Child Level 1 - $45

Adult Level 2 - $40

Child Level 2 - $15

Adult Level 3 - $25

Child Level 3 - $10

ADA or Companion Adult - $40

ADA Child (2-12yrs) - $15

Contact: Ticket Office 941-704-8572


*** Thank you Circus Italia for inviting us to see your performance. Our review was based on our non-biased opinion. All photos are property of Britt's Creative Crafts. ***



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