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Thumbs Up To The MAM Starter Cup

Braden started drinking for the first time using a sippy cup!

I was so excited to give him water and apple juice. Then came to the thought that every mom gets. Which sippy cup is the best? Which sippy cup would be the safest for my son? We always want the best for our babies. It's always been that way from the second we saw that little plus sign. From which prenatal vitamin to take to which bottle will make my baby feel good.

The MAM starter cup is loved by Braden. He likes to lay back holding his cup trying to be a cool little dude. Apple juice always puts a smile on his adorable squishy face.


Let the MAM starter cup be your baby's first sippy cup. Each one has a unique design that can be purchased in three different colors. We love our green ladybug sippy cup! This starter cup holds 5oz (150ml) and very lightweight. Every piece is interchangeable with removable handles. Each spout and handle fits all MAM cups to enjoy each stage of learning how to use cups.

I love that MAM has two soft spouts. We have the spill-free spout with a valve but, you could also receive a free-flow spout without a valve. Designing a spill-free spout was perfect to me! Growing up with baby's you notice that they think it's funny to throw everything. They also tend to drop their stuff beside them and it's nice to not have to worry about picking Braden up without their clothes being soaked. Braden gives this bottle a thumbs up!


Click the photo below to buy your baby's first sippy cup!


*** I did not receive compensation to write this review. I did, however, receive free products from MAM to review. All my reviews are always written in my non-biased opinion. All photos are property of Britt's Creative Crafts. ***



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