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Tie-Dye Rainbow Clover, Canvas DIY

St. Patrick's day is right around the corner and always a fun one for the little ones. Kids love the idea of leprechauns running around dropping chocolate coins and making traps trying to catch one. The big rainbows with bright colors filling the sky. Looking for four-leaf clovers to be lucky. Kids are only kids once, why not make it enjoyable and a day to remember.

I love being crafts with Braden and in my daycare. I feel it's an important life goal to be artistic and express their emotions. The problem I find is all the drawings that fill my fridge. they get ripped, splashed with water, and become too much to look at. I want to give Braden the opportunity to make art that will last when he grows up to show his children and look nice hanging on the wall.

This tie-dye canvas art is perfect for those who want to keep their memories forever and have all kinds of pot of gold fun doing it!


What Materials Do You Need?

- One large zip lock bag

- One small canvas

- Paint ( We used red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and dark green.)

- Braden liked using a paintbrush on the bag to build up his fine motor skills!


How To Make This Canvas Art

  1. Squirt each color paint in the rainbow all over the canvas.

2- Place your canvas into the baggie and seal close.

3- Let your little one press, poke, and rub the paint around.

4 - Remove the canvas from the bag and leave it out to dry.

5 - Once dry, spread the dark green paint on your little one's hand.

6 -Press their hand onto the canvas four times, fingers pointing outwards to complete the four-leaf clover

7 - Use your find to create a stem from the clover to the end of the canvas

8 - Write the year so you never forget this memory

9 - Now you have a beautiful canvas ready to hang up to keep for years to come.


Please tag us in your canvas art to share your little one being an artist!



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