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Under The Sea Sensory Bin

Sensory activities are so important it teaches children to engage their five senses while they are having fun with hands-on activities. They also inhibit the production of imagination. Each sensory activity can be made specifically to your theme of the week or what season it is. You can find all the advantages of sensory activities in my other blog posts! You can click the image below to get there.


This under the sea sensory bin was originally made for the summertime having the kids search for fish but, became a huge project for Trunk Or Treat. It was our first year participating in a Trunk Or Treat event. I wanted children to be able to connect with our car. We chose the theme Finding Nemo and knew an under the sea sensory bin would be perfect.


Materials Needed:

Blue Water Jel Beads

Play Day Dive 'N Grab Scrambler Fish Set

Plastic Container

(Click the picture to get to the links)


How To Make:

1. Grow your water beads. They take about an hour or two while emerged in water.

2. Dump all your water beads into a container of choice. I used a plastic baby pool for Trunk Or Treat then moved them into a bin with a lid for inside use.

3. Add your fish and other sea animals

4. Use your fishing net to find everything lost in the sea! Can you find them all?


*** All photo's are property of Britt's Creative Crafts.***



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