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Under The Sea Window Display

This under the sea window display will make any classroom look fantastic during the summer before school starts back up in September. This display is done with your little one's hand prints and a couple other crafts. It makes this window look adorable and unique. The little one's will love getting their hands messy and making them into beautiful marine life.


What you need:

Different colored paint


Goggley eyes

White, blue, green, and yellow construction paper

Colored markers

A window or bulltion board for all the wonderful artwork


These little fish can be any color you wish. All you have to do is paint your hand, decorate any which way you'd like, and add a googley eye ball or draw your own.

Our jelly fish is purple but, you can also make yours pink. Paint your hand and then when it is dried outline a jelly fish around the hand.

It is Shark Week! The sharks can be done with either painting your foot or hand grey, add a fin, some gills, and don't forget an eye ball for your shark friend to see as they swim through your window display.

Crabs not only the best thing to eat in the summer time in my opinion but, also an adorable hand print sea animal. All you need is some red or blue paint on both hands and some eyes for both thumbs.

This octopus can be either blue or purple. Once you got your foot print use a marker to draw on a face and some tentacles for your little friend.

For the water you trace a hand onto a blue piece of paper and keep cutting them out until you have enough to fill the bottom layer of the window. Sea weed is just green paper cut out to look curvy. The sun is multiple yellow handprints into a circle. The tutorial for the butterfly's and bees will be located under spring crafts for you to check that out. I also just used glue dots to hang everything on the window. They are small and clear so, they do not show much and easy to take off.


*** All photo's are property of Britt's Creative Crafts. ***



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