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Visiting Kings Dominion

Kings Dominion is fun for the whole family. From dinning to entertainment it is perfect for all ages. They are always coming out with new things to keep the park new and exciting. I have been coming with a season pass for the past five years with friends and family and I would highly recommend it. If your chasing around toddlers or trying to find a new exciting to call your favorite, then I hope this aricle helps you get through your new adventure ready to start.


Rides For The Big Kids


Kings Dominion is filled with rollar coasters and thrilling rides to enjoy. The newest ride for the 2018 season is Twister Timbers. It is an amzing thrilling experience that I think you should ride. You want a ride to give you a rush? Ride the Intimidator 305, with a 300 feet drop at at 85 degree angle you are sure to have a thrill. Or try my favorite ride the Flight Of Fear, racing to 54 mph in just 4 seconds in the dark will give you a heart pounding adventure. Don't forget the Volcano, speeds up to 60 mph and then shoot out 155 feet up and out the top of the Volcano. Thats a few of many thrilling rides you will find during your adventure at Kings Dominion this year.


Rides For The Little Ones


Kings Dominion has much for you little ones to keep them entertained. Planet Snoopy is 14-acre area

made just for them. The first thing you should do is get them measured to get your wristband which is located on the left side of the fountain to figure out what rides they can and cannot ride. Each wristband is color coated and at each ride lets you know what colors can ride before you wait in a line just to know your little one is too short and they tell you the thrill level to let you know how fast or slow the ride will go. Most rides you have to be atleast 36" inches and a couple of them you just have to have your little one be able to walk on their own. They have lots of picture oppurtunitys and shows of the whole snoopy gang just like you watched growing up. They have classic rides like bumper cars made fun size and unique rides like Joe's Cool Driving School. You can ride with your little one on Charlie Brown's Wind Up, Flying Ace Ballon Race, Great Pumpkin Coaster, Linus Launcher, Lucy's Tugboat, Peanuts 500, Salley's Sea Plane, Snoopy's Junction, Snoopy's Rocket Express, Snoopy's Space Buggies, Woodstock Express, and Woodstock Whirlybirds. This area has a shop just made for little ones and on special days that they set up a petting zoo. This area will make sure you little ones will have a blast! There is also a family care centered that is air conditioned and always playing Charlie Brown to relax and take care of family needs.


A Splashing Second Section


Soak City is the best way to cool off on a hot summer day at Kings Dominion. It is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day and free with regular park admission. It comes packed with life vests to

use so there is no need to bring your own. There is two sections for you little ones to splash and climb around. Splash Island is good for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Then there Soak City Splash House for you more older kids. Other fun places for the whole family is the lazy river and the two wave pools to hang out. There is also slides loacted everywhere made for every age. This is also where those wristbands come handy.

A huge tip is to make sure you and your little ones wear water shoes. The ground gets burning hot and the attractions have some walking distance between them. I always forget to bring shoes other then tennis shoes and you can see me running from shadow to shadow trying to keep off of the burning hot ground. And don't forget your towels!

Cabanas can be rented out for the day to sit the whole family. Sometimes it can be a little tricky to find seating in the shade on a hot summer day. More information can be found on the link.


There Is A Third Dinotastic Section


Kings Dominion has a walking attraction called Dinosaur Alive. It is a good part of the park just to walk around and relax. See over 40 moving and almost life sized dinosaurs, including some with buttons to press to make diffrent sounds and movements. Don't forget to become a paleontologist in the dig site maybe your find a dinosaur bone if you look hard enough. This section is free for season pass holders and only $5 a person with a day pass.


Family Dinning


With all the rides and excitment you can work up an appetite. Kings Dominion comes packed with a

food selection that can fit everyones taste buds. The park comes with many diffrent meal plans to chose from that can be found on the link.

Souvenir bottles are always a good idea. For $10.99 you can get a reusable cup that has 99 cent refils the whole season or for $29.99 you can get a reuable cup with free refils the whole season. There is over 30 places to chose from to eat and plenty of seating. They have common places to eat like Chick-fil-a and more unique places like the Jukebox Diner. For all the diffrent eating places and locations follow the link. There is now also now a Mac N Cheese bar just calling your name.

My opinion is to go to the Pizza Parler in Candy Apple Grove and get a whole pizza for $30 to share if you want to save money. Don't forget to stop by Sweet Frod in Planet Snoopy to fill your sweet tooth during the day. If you start slowing down don't forget to grab some Starbucks coffee.


Halloween Haunt


Kings Dominion gives you a frightful experience with thrilling haunted house and mazes. Scare zones are loacted around the park and haunting live shows to make your night at Kings Dominion more frightning.

Don't forget the to see the Skeleton Key Rooms for haunting experience with the fright lane pass.

More information will come you way Fall 2018.




Kings Dominion is now creating a new and frosty family tradation starting November 2018. It will include ice skating by the Effile Tower and have a North Pole Post Office where the little ones can write letters to santa and decorate cookies. The Effile Tower will be transformed into a 300-foot Christmas tree with an exciting light show.

More information will come soon Winter 2018.


Tips And Tricks


1. Save money on tickets. Buying tickets online before hand can save you a few bucks and save you

from a long line. Keep an eye on special days like Everyone Pays Kids Price and save $22. Don't forget is you little one is ages five and under you can receive a free season pass called the Pre-K pass.

2. Take some time to watch and enjoy shows around the park. Times and locations can be found on

the website or around the park. They allow some time to cool off in the air conditioning and always gives you an unique experience.

3. You can download the Kings Dominion app to keep track of show times, deals, and includes a map of the park that is easy to use.

4. Fun Pix allows you to capture all your family fun through out the day. It is $24.99 for the day and $44.99 for the season.

5. Keep an eye on nights that include fireworks for a facinating experience surrounded by all of your favorite rides watching the sky be lit up in bright colors.

6. Are you bored in lines? Download "Battle For Kings Dominion" in the app store for fun games and to win cool prizes like fast line passes.

7. Kings Dominion also host some exciting events. Keep an eye on the website or around the park for upcoming events. I will also have them posted on my calendar found on the home page.

8. Want to stay the night? Kings Dominion has a KOA campsite right next to the park. It has a

commplentary shuttle to take you right to the park. For more information follow the link.


Park Information


Address; 16000 Theme Park Way, Doswell, VA 23047

Hours; Park hours vary throughout the year make sure you follow the link to get all the information

Addmission prices; Day pass is $68 at the gate and $46 online

Silver Season pass is $99 and Gold is $120



Thank You!



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