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What Makes For A Fantastic Dietary 'Cheat Meal?'

We all know how tiring a diet can be, but we also know that diets are, in general, good for us if our goal is to healthily lose weight and feel better ourselves. However, that doesn’t mean you can never enjoy mild indulgences in moderation, and in fact, learning to do so healthily (and without bingeing once more), can be a big help.

A great way to manage your diet on a consistent basis is to enjoy a ‘cheat meal’ from time to time, one that helps you enjoy some of your cravings for high-calorie food but is crafted from worthwhile, nutritious ingredients, and won’t throw you off your course. On top of that, trying something new can make this an adventure, so you’ve learned something or have perfected a new recipe instead of simply ordering a pizza.

In this post, we’ll discuss what makes for a fantastic dietary cheat meal, and how you could integrate it into your schedule for the best results:


Healthier Baked Goods

Healthier baked goods can be a good way to enjoy a lovely treat that you may have denied yourself for some time. But what form can this actually take? Well, making spelt banana bread with toasted walnuts might be a good idea. Nuts are high in calories but very good for you if they’re not salted, because they’re full of health fats (where the calories come from). Baking powder biscuits can also be delicious, especially if you infuse them with almonds and a touch of vanilla. With the ability to enjoy comforting baked goods, your sweet tooth can be satiated without going overboard.


Enjoyable, Delicious Tacos

Enjoyable and delicious tacos are like nothing else in terms of a beautiful cheat meal, because you can load them how you like, and they’re tremendously filling. This means you get the sense of indulging in huge quantities of food, but then you look back and realize that actually, you’ve eaten comparatively little, especially with all of the filling salads and sauces you enjoyed. This absolutely incredible pork belly tacos recipe should help you add that extra dense flavor to your treat. Moreover, this is an inherently shareable food, so you’re sure to have a blast when enjoying it.


A Lovely Breakfast

A fantastic breakfast can make anyone smile, and sets them up for the day with a sense of optimism and goodwill. Sure, perhaps you’ve been doing great with your avocado eggs so far, or your oats with no sweetening, but why not indulge in a nice breakfast as your cheat meal on a day off as opposed to eating desserts? Enjoying waffles, pancakes, or even tackling a beautiful full English breakfast with all the trimmings like hash browns, poached eggs, thick cut sausages, diced tomatoes and beans can make a tremendous difference in just how worthy you feel that day. If you limit your toast intake, you’ll have mostly taken in fats and protein - which isn’t so terrible for a nice cheat day!

With this advice, you’re sure to enjoy a fantastic and thoroughly measured cheat meal.


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