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Wild One - Aesthetically Pleasing Leashes For Your Furry Friends

Meet Bleu, my American Shepherd, heeler mix. He's very jumpy, loves to run, and yes he herds us through the yard.

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect leash. One that could be easily cleaned for a family constantly on the go but, aesthetically pleasing. No more looking like the bad dog mom at the park walking around with a dirty, tattered leash. Wild One has the perfect sleet look.

Need another reason to keep reading? Working with Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue, Wild One sponsors the rescue of one dog a week. Everything from funding the rescue mission to paying for travel and medical expenses. Many pets are in need of a loving home, taking the time to help these furry friends is beyond amazing!


What is Wild One?

Wild One is connecting pets and people through thoughtful design and community. With a full set of pet essentials, Making morning walks, subway commutes, and park visits easier and more joyful, for both you and your dog.

Everything is developed with a function-first perspective because “looks nice” only matters next to “works well.” Driven to make living the “pet life” easier and more joyful.

Creating essential items - from adjustable dog leashes to water-resistant dog beds and provide a pleasant, uncomplicated shopping experience.


Blush Leash

A durable, water-proof leash that allows you to easily change lengths. It's dirt and odor resistant, easy to clean, and made with flex-poly straps and sturdy hardware. Perfect for easy temporary tie-ups, quick short-leash adjustments, tandem walks, and everyday adventures.

Someone who travels a lot especially camping. You have to tug around those dirty leashes until you can find a way to clean them. The flex-poly coated nylon looks and feels like rubber. That makes it easy to clean. A quick rinse under warm water has it looking like new. A little tip, I bring wipes with me for those on-the-go messes.

I love that you form the handle loop by clipping the leash to itself, which allows you to quickly tie your dog to a pole or tree. Easily clip your doggy bags to loop, no more forgetting them at home. A real lifesaver.

Wild One fits anyone's lifestyle even on the go. Keeping Bleu's style game became easy. No more walking around with a tattered leash. Why buy a new cloth leash each year when you can save money in the long run, using Wild One!

It’s sleek, cleans easily and it’s very secure!


Save With The Harness Walk Kit!

Set yourself upright with our popular on-the-go essentials. The Walk Kit comes with our super comfy, lightweight dog Harness, our dirt-resistant, water-proof Leash, and our color-matched Poop Bag Carrier — the perfect home for our plant-based, biodegradable poop bags. Save $20 when you purchase the Walk Kit.


*** Thank you Wild One for sending us Leash to review and make Bleu more in style than ever before. All of our reviews are always based on our non-biased opinion. Contains affiliate links. ***


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