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Yogurt Pops For Your Little One With Nuby

Braden is teething.

Using ice packs helps our pain but, you can't stick a big ice pack in your little ones mouth hoping the pain will go away. Instead, we give our little one's teething toys, we put them in the fridge to get cold, and we give them Orajel to help their gums. This is the age where we start introducing them to new foods and treats like puffs. None of those foods are cold to numb your baby gums and relieve the pain of teething.

What if there was something better, and really helps ease the pain?

Introducing yogurt pops. A four-step treat for your little one.


Materials needed:

Gerber yogurt blends 8+ months

Popsicle sticks


How To Make:

1. Pop your popsicle stick in

2. Freeze overnight

3. Pop-out. I had to use hot water for only a second.

4. Let your little one enjoy it!


Braden enjoyed his pop. I could tell it helped his teeth a lot and it was something he could munch on instead of just a toy. If your baby is teething I'd highly recommend this! It easily melts in their mouth without a risk of choking. You can also mix and match the flavors to find your little ones favorite.


*** All photos are property of Britt's Creative Crafts. ***



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