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Zip Up Your Little One In Style With Little Zips

Braden is finally starting to stand up and walk along with things. Today he walked holding onto his walker. I was so proud. I'm thrilled a got a glimpse of it on video. I need a pajama that fits for him. He can't wear socks to bed due to his cranial band but, it's cold during the day and he needs socks on his little baby toes.

Introducing Little Zips, a new company selling stylish baby clothes. Tom and Sarah created Little Zips as a way to help to change babies outfits so much easier. Boy was this helpful. Braden is such a little squirm. Anything to help is a lifesaver to me.


What is so good about Little Zips?


Little Zips are perfect for our family. Soft, cozy material allows your little one to run, crawl, and sleep while being in style.

They all have double zippers. You can zip up, zip down, or both that keep your child nice and warm while you do diaper changes. The cover at the top also protects your child's neck from the zipper.

Each outfit has feet cuffs that you can pull over or off anytime. Sizes 6-12, 12-18, and 18-24 have grips on the feet allow your kiddo not to slip as they begin to walk.

Don't forget about little fingers. Sizes newborn, 0-3, 3-6, and 6-12 have cuffs that can pull over or off anytime keeping their faces safe from scratches.


We love our Little Zips. The Indigo Grungy Stripes look so cute on Braden. Just wearing them puts a huge smile on his face. The quality of the fabric is outstanding. I wish I could get a pajama set to match. Being a cranial band family this was perfect for us. It is hard to find an outfit that Braden can wear without his helmet getting into the way.


*** Britt's Creative Crafts always write reviews based on their non-biased opinion. Thank you Little Zips for sending us an outfit to try out for our own. We can't wait to see more designs. ***



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