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Growing Up With Nuby Sipeez!

Braden is a big boy now. Drinking water and juice out of sippy cups all on his own!

We enjoy trying new cups to find his favorite ones. There are so many products to choose from, so it is important to find the best fit for your little one. Nuby is always our fit and we can find something for every stage of my Braden's development. I only want the best for my son so, I only want to share the best of the best to you.


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One thing about new cups, is that Braden loves to drop them anywhere he can. The Keepeez Adjustable Cup Strap fits around every sippy cup or bottle. I even strapped it around some of his toys while we are out and about. I enjoy that he can't undo the strap either since it is a push button. The buckle is sturdy and wraps around our stroller, high chair, and even the cart at the store while we are picking up our favorite Nuby toys. This is just what we needed. Like all the products reviewed so far this one is just the same, BPA free to be safe for your baby and the best designs that fit your lifestyle.

Braden loves to throw everything onto the ground. Toys, food, sippy cups, if it is in front of him then its going in his mouth or on the floor. This strap saves the day!


Have you been looking for the perfect sippy up without a mess? Well Nuby has the 2 Handle Tritan 360 Wonder Cup ready for your baby to begin their sippy cup lessons. This 8 oz/240 ml cup is made for 6 months and up. Touch flo technology allows your childs water or juice to only pass through when they are drinking from the rim anywhere around the cup. The double handles make it perfect for them to grasp and guide the cup to their mouth. It looks and feels like a big kid cup, but without the leaks or spills.

Watch out because, our penguins are so lightweight they like to travel the world. You can keep a check to see whats going on in our adventures with penguin on our Insta-story @brittscreativecrafts be sure to follow me for the latest updates.


This new trainer sippez I thought was amazing. The straw inside allows your baby to drink this 10 oz/ 300 ml sippez from any angle without a mess. Each one also comes with a hygienic cover to keep germs from invading the top. Like all of Nuby's products, this one is BPA free also!

Soon to be available at Walmart.

I wasn't sure if Braden could drink this sipeez. It is his first cup without handles and I was a little nervous. He loved it. His tiny hands could hold his cup right to his mouth and suck out all his wawa "water". In my opinion, the straw is fantastic. Sometimes he doesn't realize that he has to hold the cup out to get anything out of it. He doesn't need to with this one! He can drink from it even from sitting up in his high chair.


Welcome the new Smart 360 Cup! Your child will love that they can drink from either side of the spoutless rim. You will love that it is mess-free and has a bite-resistant rim. There are no hidden pieces to clean with two easy pieces, the base and rim come apart to clean to use again and again. Fill your 10 oz /300 ml cup up and go on an adventure with this active sipeez.

Soon to be available at Target.

I didn't think Braden could hold this cup since it is recommended for ages 12+ months but, the textured easy-grip base made it perfect for his little hands to hold. You will love the multiple colors that Nuby offers to match any occasion.


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*** Britt's Creative Crafts has partnered as the Nuby Parent Blogger program that we recieve free products through. All of my reviews are based on my non-biased opinion. ***



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