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The Best Ways To See San Francisco

The Golden City, the City by the Bay, and sometimes even called the Paris of the West (though this nickname is not quite as cool as it used to be), San Francisco is undoubtedly one of the very best cities in California, with so much to offer and to see. Seeing is a big part of the trip for a lot of people, as the city has just so many great views and so many ways to enjoy them. Whether you’re looking for jaw-dropping photos or you just want a breathtaking experience of taking in the scenery, here are a few of the best ways to do that.


From the waters

It’s called the City by the Bay, so what better way to enjoy seeing the city than from afar with your own San Francisco yacht charter? Live the high life on the waters, pop open a bottle of champagne, and take in the city from a distance.


From the top of the mountain

If it’s the city’s skyline that you’re hoping to see, there are a lot of really great vantage points nearby. However, none of them quite compare to the Twin Peaks. Take a hike up to those heights and you can catch a view that expands all the way to the horizon, seeing the water beyond the city in all of its majesty. Just make sure that you’re ready for the climb. The Southern Peak offers what many consider the better view of the city.


From up in the sky

Want to get even higher and enjoy the city from angles that most people are simply never going to see? Descending over the city for a landing at the coast is one of the best ways to explore not just the view of the city from afar, but some of the unique geography surrounding it. Paragliding in San Francisco can see you exploring its environment in a way that no other method quite achieves. It’s thrilling and breathtakingly beautiful at the same time.


From the beach

Of course, sometimes, looking out from the city can be just as gorgeous as looking into it. What better place to do that than from one of the beaches? A beach holiday is one of the types of vacations anyone can make wonderful memories with and San Fran has plenty of beaches to enjoy, with Baker Beach and Ocean Beach being some of the very best.


From the park

There are plenty of sights to see within the city itself, of course. One of those that should be on every itinerary is visiting Dolores Park. It’s one of the social and cultural hubs of the whole city, with plenty of sporting courts, tons of green grass to stretch out on, and gorgeous landscaping and water features to relax by. Just be warned, it can get very busy at the peak times when the weather is good.

There are plenty more ways to enjoy the sights of San Francisco, but hopefully, the above recommendations help you get started on your next destination trip!


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