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Tips For Finding Family Friendly Accommodations For Holiday

Family travel in hotels is a complicated scene. When you’re home everything is where you know and need it to be. You know exactly what to expect when your kids walk through the door. If you’ve never gone traveling with kids this all might seem very foreign to you, but that’s okay.

Taking the kiddos on vacation is a big part of ensuring an exciting and educational childhood. Whisking them away to see the world, to take in new sights and providing enriching experiences while creating memories that last a lifetime. But when you’re off on your destination travels with little ones, it can be hard to find a suitable, family friendly place to stay.

Something to remember when we are talking about family travel tips is that every family is so very different. Braden is now 3 years old and its not always predictable what his day is going to look like. If he's ready to relax by the pool or try to be a wild one and wanting to do everything. As a family always on the go, let us enlighten you with our tips and tricks on finding a family friendly hotel.


Are There Children Play Areas?

Braden doesn't care where we go or what we do as long as he gets to splash in the hotel pool. Some hotels provide little more than a concrete hole in the ground, while others have water slides, splash pads and different activities.

Many hotels are now creating separate areas for adults and kids alike, to cater to any and all kinds of travelers, so put this on your must-have list. Locations like "Great Wold Lodge" offers indoor waterparks year-round. A play area will keep the little ones entertained for hours, when you just want to relax by the pool. We love to bring along any googles and swimmers that we would use with us.

Some hotels also offer free activities for kiddos that you typically can pick up, like some coloring sheets for your room.


Is There Plenty of Privacy?

Privacy is necessary for all travelers, but when you’ve got kids, you need it in spades. That’s why it’s key to scout out a location before you book - what do the rooms look like? Is the location clearly fenced off and safe to be in? Kids tend to wander off when they get curious! It's why so many parents choose to stay in AirBnBs and timeshares; check out Sapphire Resorts reviews to get the best points for choosing ‘private’ accommodation in the future. If the kids have somewhere they can entirely call their own for the week, they’ll have so much more fun!


How Easy Is It To Set Up for Infants?

If you’re going on vacation for the first time with your newborn, check the website to see if your accommodation comes with travel cot included. Some hotels charge for adding a cot and not all hotels allow you to bring your home. The price of this varies but it can be surprisingly high and it adds up fast. At the very least this is the one thing the hotel or hostel should provide. Also check for baby food essentials, such as a microwave or fridge in the dining area as well as easy to use highchairs. You need to know what you’ll have to bring yourself, and whether or not you’ll have as much freedom to cater to your baby as usual.

Taking Braden to Tennessee at 4 months old I brought just about everything with us. Being a first time mom with a newborn can always be a little stressful especially trying to figure out which products to use to protect their soft, fragile skin which is way we chose to stick with an organic brand for sunscreen and bug spray.


Are You Close to Local Attractions?

Yes, all-inclusive hotels are designed to offer everything you need on the property, but you should also investigate what's available off-site. Being close to local attractions and tourist spots is a plus for any family, as it’s hard to wrangle all the kiddos for long distances! We love to look for accommodation that’s near where you want to be. And even when you’ve chosen an out of town location on purpose, I love that places like "Legoland" offers accommodation walking distance from the amusement park. Taking the stress out when its late and everyone is tired after a full day of excitement.

A room with a view is always an extra bonus. The excitement of seeing the waves crashing on the beach or city lights, lightening up the night can keep the littles entertained and ready to start the day when you're getting ready for the fun ahead.


Are there Dining Options?

I love going out for a meal but, when there is a restaurant on site is amazing when staying in a hotel with the kiddos especially those toddlers. It's always a difficult task trying to get everyone to agree on a place to eat. Plenty of hotels offer free breakfast options and having multiple options for everyone can make it quick and easy for everyone to grab a bite to eat in the morning before exploring the town. As well as the ability to head downstairs to have a meal without having to go out again and tackle unfamiliar cities after dark goes a long way to reduce stress.


The Little Moments Of Life

Spending quality time with your loved ones is essential, not only to rest, relax, and break the monotonous routine of your daily life, but more so to build relationship ties that bind. Creating memories that your little ones may not always remember, but you'll cherish for a lifetime. Rest assure the smiles on the face will be worth every moment.


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