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Next Step Paw Patrol Sleep N' Play Bed By Delta Children

We recently received a Paw Patrol Plastic Sleep and Play Toddler Bed from Delta Children. The box was so colorful we couldn't wait to put it together. The directions were clear and they have threaded nuts preinstalled inside the plastic for easy assembly. I loved that there wasn't a lot of pieces to try to fit together, like other projects I've done in the past. Delta Children knows that we don't have all day to build with little our ones running around. We recently had the Mickey Mouse bed for a ball pit. Read all about that in our reviews!


Braden is 16 months and sadly learned how to climb out of his bed. I never knew how fast babies grew until I had one of my own. The best part of the Paw Patrol Plastic Sleep and Play Toddler bed is that it can also double as a ball pit. Now we can play all day in our Mickey Mouse ball pit and he can sleep all night in his new paw patrol big boy bed.


When we use the toddler bed I will feel comfortable with Braden sleeping safely because it is right at ground level. The sides make a great barrier from any unwanted rolling but are low enough that he can climb out easily. The Paw Patrol Sleep and Play Toddler Bed will be around our house for many years to come because I can already see the durability and quality of the Delta Children brand. If you're a mom like me and your little ones are growing up so fast. It feels like we've only blinked. Then this is the perfect next step bed for you and your little ones. With dozens of designs and characters, you can find the perfect match to fit your family.


As a mom of a little boy, I come to realize boys really do love cars. He has dinosaurs and construction sets but, race tracks beat them all. His little red fire trucks are his favorite. His eyes light up seeing them. Always carrying them along with him. You can tell Marshal his favorite puppy character. The bright red and blue pop out as lights on a fire truck do. Perfect for my growing little boy.


What Is Delta Children?


Delta Children strives to improve your child's safety through research, testing, design, and community engagement by creating only the best products for your little ones. From starting as a small retail store in Brooklyn, NY they grew into the world’s leading crib manufacturer. Delivering to the largest retailers and trusted by millions of families worldwide. Delta Children has formed a number of great partnerships with today’s most prestigious brands. Along with their own collection of nursery furniture, kids’ furniture, and baby gear, they are the proud owner of Simmons Kids as well as the licensor of Disney, Nickelodeon, Marvel, Warner Brothers, Entertainment One, Major League Baseball, Sesame Street, Simmons Kids, Serta, and Jeep® products. They even work with charities to donate cribs to families in need. Find out more about this brand with the link!


*** Thank you Delta Children for sending us this Paw Patrol sleep and play bed to review. All of our reviews are always based on our non-biased opinion. ***



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